State of Modern Law

Jun 01st, 2019 12:06 PM

Despite the contrary belief, we're just working on the environment for our game. This is a tedious process and requires a lot of attention to detail. We continue to get opinions of the scenery from video game enthusiasts just like yourself to ensure quality.

What's Going On?

Modern Law is a project we haven't given up upon. Though we'll occationally put it on a pause due to work and life events, it's a project we've always came back to. Currently, the video game mechanics are roughly complete. The time consuming process comes with the environment development, because we want to release a product that we'll enjoy visually ourselves. We want to release a product in which we feel happy knowing consumers are enjoying the gameplay. We have dialed back on advertisement and promotion, because we don't want to turn things into a "hype" train and promise features we cannot commit to. We've always planned for the development of the game to be authentic as possible, which involved us stepping away from community spotlights. Through Modern Law's development, we've never asked or taken money form our community followers. It's been a project driven off of passion for a Law Enforcement game like no other. Just so you know what we're aiming for, I've attached a few images below showing our tech develop houses and road environment;


Realism with Entertainment

As stated above, we want a project that we feel happy being in the hands of the consumer. We have focused on developing realistic mechanics while still retaining the fun action-adventure feel. Below is an example of a TCIC and NCIC response within the video game, build to look exactly like a real hit. This is an example of having some realism within the game.


Moving Forward

We hope with this post we've made anyone aware that the project is not dead, and our reasonings behind becoming silent. In the future you can expect to see some posts made in our Development Diary forums. Feel free to leave us a message with any feedback and or comments.

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